BABYDOLL BEAUTY COUTURE (over 7 million views on Youtube)

A VOLUPTUOUS beauty therapist has opened a salon for plus-sized women – after a chair collapsed underneath her weight in hairdressers. Jamie Lopez was inspired to open Babydoll Beauty Couture in Las Vegas following her humiliating experience. Shot, and directed by Braden Barty. 


Rod Emory leads a team of never-before race car drivers in their quest to win an endurance race known as the 24 Hours of Lemons. They have 1 week to find a car, build it and race it in a 24 race. OH, and the card can not cost more than $500.

NFTme (Season One) OFFICIAL TRAILER: NFT TV Series by Tech Talk Media

NFTme (6x30’) is a new docuseries by Tech Talk Media, created to educate the world on the mind-blowing innovation, digital markets and financial opportunity, immersive environments, and supreme art, creativity, unity and development inside the fast-evolving NFT industry.


Co-Creator of A&E's hit reality show which ran for four seasons. What Scott and Amy tear each other apart while building up homes left over from the real estate crash of 2008. Shot, directed and edited by Braden Barty.