Why Video Is A Priority for 2023

Author: Braden
February 7, 2023

Video has blossomed into the most preferred content type.

That makes video a must-have in your marketing strategy.

With people watching an average of 19 hours of online video per week, it makes sense why more marketers are including video in their strategy and are willing to spend more on it.

Leveraging social media marketing with video will be one of the big-deal SEO trends for 2023.

I’ve even seen Google make visual updates as users search for more visually rich content for short-form videos. Just like in this search where I searched for a recipe of the “viral Tunacado sandwich”.

With more creators making short videos and more users shopping on TikTok, it only makes sense for Google to connect users with what they’re looking for.

YouTube and Instagram have introduced Shorts and reels to keep up with TikTok. Just like TikTok, they want to hook you in so you don’t let go. We used to have to sit through a half hour of “America’s Funny Home Videos” to get 3 funny videos worth sharing. Now in 30 minutes, you’ll be able to indulge in dozens of videos you will fill compelled to share. It’s nuts. Short-form storytelling that educates and entertains keeps users on these platforms and drives leads.

With social e-commerce generating leads through live video or influencer haul videos, you need to make video a priority to help you stand out. You’ve only have a few seconds to impress a viewer, so make your intro count. What you have to say needs to resonate with them. I wouldn’t tell you anything I wouldn’t do, and I’m sure you’ve come here from one of my videos (which all of my clients invest a lot in). That should show you firsthand how important video is.

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