The Master Video Ad Plan

Author: Braden
November 28, 2022

No one woke up this morning and said, “I hope someone tries to sell me something today!”

I love the art of creating branding videos. A strong brand is built on trust and no one will trust a brand that offers little value while cramming a pitch down their throat.

When you make a branding video, make sure it is always not just about your brand. It is far more effective to give something of value in the video before you include your call to action. (CTA). So many video ads try to sell right out of the gate.

Understand that the video production that delivers the most value wins. You beat out your competition by providing more value than them, especially up front. You must educate and help your audience more than your competition does. Prospects will gravitate toward those who help them out.

The most effective videos will allow a story to unfold before the viewer’s eyes. They will hook the viewers in with stunning visuals, a problem that their viewers might have, and then the video will then spend about ¼ on their call to action which is your product or service.

Story>Problem>Your solution. (CTA)

That’s it!

I was driving down the freeway over the weekend and I saw the big billboard with “Tired of Lawyer Billboards? Just call…Larry H. Parker”

Of course, it’s tongue in cheek but Larry H. Parker already has a brand name built for himself in the S. California area. But it works/

Tired of Lawyer Billboards? (The Problem AND the story of how tired you are ok looking at all those Lawyer Billboards)

Just call…Larry H. Parker CTA

Then what happened that night? I mention to my wife that I saw this funny Larry H . Parker Billboard that night at the dinner table. And now you TRUST that Larry H. Parker because he KNOWS what you’re thinking? Make sense?

If people are digging into what you have to say, then they are also going to like your product or service even more.

In the video world, let’s say you have 30-60 seconds to get them to funnel to your website.

Let’s say you don’t have a lot of money to hire a creative ad agency to come up with an entertaining creative TV ad you would see during the Super Bowl.

Then go with Plan B.

In your video add your insight into what is happening in your industry. You want to share information with your target audience that is relevant and beneficial to them at that moment. Help your audience with a quick tip, current event, etc. “Did you know…?” or “Mortgage Rates are (doing this)” “3 in 5 Electric Cars don’t offer (this)” I’m just spitballing but this little inside will position you as a resource and not just a service provider. But be quick and to the point about it.

It’s far more effective than constantly promoting yourself and trying to sell upfront.

Also, tell a quick simple story.

Take Angry Orchard:

Here CEO Ryan Burk tells his story about Angry Orchard

Or how Apples can be turned into an alcoholic beverage. (without using the word alcoholic)

Here Ryan Tells us how apples are turned into a fermented drink.

Very simple. Makes you want a taste, right?

Here is a commercial from Credit Sesame. Many years ago they asked me to submit a bid and turned me down. This is the commercial they eventually produced with some other company They spend all their air time talking about them then with some really bad acting.

Here is their competitor’s commercial Tells a story, offers information, then asks.

Something magical happens when your audience finds you and your content to be genuinely helpful: They TRUST you. They value your message and thoughts. Now they will be more likely to use your product or service.

Sales are the by-product of giving away valuable content that is relevant to your target audience.

I’m not sure there’s a magic number, but I like to follow the 80/20 rule. So I like to have 80 percent of video ads efforts contain helpful information content or a story while the remaining 20 percent is left for the pitch. This works best when your content is actually good, of course. Don’t put out crap. If your content sucks, it doesn’t matter if you give us 10 pieces of content for each pitch. We won’t buy.

Always strive to bring value to your customers and target audience. The person who delivers the most value wins. Always remember this with all you do: Value first and sell second.

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