The Death of Mundane Brand Videos:

Author: Braden
November 28, 2022

Most brand videos are mundane and stale.

In the videos, their employees, and even their customers are just going through the routine. Nothing is exciting anyone. It’s time to put a stop to all of that. It’s time to show the world your passion for what you do and let all the other mundane brand videos lay in your wake!

People feed off passion, enthusiasm, and energy. They are contagious. Your customers and your employees love to see those elements in your branding videos.

Most businesses are afraid to show their true passion in their videos or they lose it somewhere along the way. The videos begin to feel cold and out of touch. If you are not so fired up and excited about the video you are making that you can’t sleep at night, then don’t expect anyone else to get fired up about your video either. If your brand video lacks passion and emotion, your clients will lack it as well. People who are passionate about something are passionate about it on deep levels. They want to connect with people who share that passion. It excites them. You want your customers to be excited!

Mike Wolfe stars on the TV show American Pickers. In the show, Mike and his partner go around and dig through people’s barns, basements, and attics looking for pieces

of history. It’s a business for Mike because he sells the items later for a profit. But if you watch even 10 minutes of the show, you see his passion. His love for American history cannot be questioned. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you can’t help but admire him and relate to him because of his enthusiasm. After all, the man gets super excited to dig through dirt and junk hoping for that one item he’s never seen before. Because Mike’s passion is easy to see, people from all over the world “who share that passion call him about the items he may be interested in. Like attracts like. Passion attracts passion. Make sure your brand video isn’t lacking emotion.

When you begin to lose that fire inside of you, you start to settle on mediocre business videos. A passionate fan base is a great thing for a brand video. Listen to Luckey Palmer in an interview we did for Forbes that my staffing agent Assignment Desk set up. You can hear his excitement for business in his voice. He’s

the inventor of the Oculus and now he’s making drones for the US government with his newest venture Auduril Industries . After all of his success over the years, that fire inside him is still there. This not only makes consumers want to buy Auduril technology, but it attracts employees who are passionate.

Same thing can be said with Ryan Burke of Angry Orchard in another video we did as he talks about growing apples in his orchard.

Speaking of apples take Apple computers for example. For years my friend and colleague Dan Harris made fun of me for not buying an Apple computer. But Adobe Premiere was only PC and Final Cut Pro was only Apple. Then one day Premiere went back to the apple platform and I bought my first Mac computer in 2011. My friend making fun of me is nothing new, but he was so passionate about it, I figured I needed to give it a shot. I instantly became an Apple fanboy. Today every computer I own is a Mac, and you can bet there are a few iPads and iPhones in my house as well. Is your brand worth talking about? Is your message worth sharing? The answer to these questions must be a resounding, “Heck, yeah!” If you’re not dying to tell the world about what you do, then you need to reevaluate what it is you do. The passion with Apple started with Steve Jobs. For your business, it starts with you. Don’t be another mundane brand making mundane videos that lacks enthusiasm. Stand against that. Inspire people. Lead people. Keep that same motivation and enthusiasm you had when you first started.

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