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Creative Chaos: The Peril of Neglecting a Brief for Your Tech Product's Success!

What is the peril of neglecting a creative brief for your tech product's success?

So, you have an innovative tech product but are struggling to come up with an effective brief to convey your new tech innovation. Let’s figure this out.

Do you know how many times a client comes to me with a brief that worked so hard on about their tech product and I sit there and go “What the heck are they trying to say?” 

So, how do you ensure that your vision translates into a killer reality that wows your audience?  A creative brief is your roadmap, your guiding star in the vast universe of tech development. It's not just a document; it's the heartbeat of your project.

First up, clarity. A creative brief brings everyone on the same page, ensuring that your team understands the project's objectives, its target audience, and, most importantly, your own unique selling proposition.

No more confusion. No more guesswork. Just a crystal-clear path towards your tech masterpiece.

Remember, time is money, right? A well-crafted brief is like a time machine for your project. It streamlines the process, helping your team work more efficiently and more effectively.

Now, let's talk innovation. A brief has to spark creativity by encouraging your team to think outside the box. It's not just about what your tech product does; it's about how it makes users feel.

We all know tech projects can be unpredictable. A brief acts as your shield, helping you identify potential risks early on. Eliminating risks allows you to navigate the development journey with confidence.

If you want to dive deep into this subject, I stumbled across a video that included some of the world's best and most creative advertising executives. The short film is called Briefly and it can be found on YouTube, Ive posted the link down below.


The creative executives within this film, who come from many of the world's biggest, most famous advertising agencies, discuss in detail how important a short brief is to a project. The executives in that video talk about how a short, concise, brief allows you to cut through to the heart of the problem or goal that projects like your tech product will achieve for the end user and not get sidetracked by what someone, the person that wrote the brief, thinks is right.

It gives you a runway to get creative with the end goal in mind. I was fascinated by this video. It really got me thinking. Could I condense any brief into three sentences that would provide me with the ability to ensure that my pitch was never at the mercy of a Video maker like me? 

In conclusion, a creative brief isn't just paperwork; it's your secret weapon for success in the dynamic world of tech products. So, before you embark on your next tech adventure, craft that creative brief and watch the magic unfold!

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