Cameraman Advice – DDP Yoga – How it stopped my Back Pains – SERIOUSLY!!

Author: Braden
November 28, 2022

I know plenty of cameramen, grips, editors , etc in the business with perpetual back pains…including me! 3 years ago I reached a breaking point when I threw out my back completely. I couldn’t work or do anything for a week. Then this forced me to rediscover DDP Yoga. I say rediscovered because I directed and co-produced the original DDP Yoga videos in 2006 with wrestling legend, Diamond Dallas Page. Despite all of DDP’s success with DDP Yoga, my DVD copies sat on the shelf for years collecting dust. So I grabbed one of them DVDs and popped it into the player and began. I had no idea that this simple to do workout would be the key to never having to face a sore back like I had in the past…and it was fun and FELT GOOD! So my advice is simple….DDP Yoga is a set of effective Yoga routines, aimed to be fun and doable that will help you say adios to those annoying stiff backs.

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