Branding Videos vs Marketing Videos

Author: Braden
November 28, 2022

“LET’S GET SOME CLARITY ON THE DIFFERENCE between marketing and branding videos. Both videos are necessary to have a successful business. But there are some major differences between the two.

Branding videos will help to shape a business’s brand identity while marketing videos promote and sell products or services.

So put simply: If your brand isn’t already established, first you should focus on making a branding video before you follow up with a marketing video.

If you have an established brand and have just been making marketing videos, cut loose and make a brand video. Here is the math, brand video, brand video, brand video, and then marketing video. (Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook)

Some people focus all of their efforts on marketing videos. They don’t think of themselves as a brand and therefore put zero focus on establishing their brand.

Some people appreciate and respond to aggressive marketing. Some people despise it. You have to make sure that your marketing efforts are in line with what your brand is all about.

In order to re-brand itself from its sexist past is (more on their well-intended but POOR rebranding efforts can be found here) They used to run ads and commercials that are provocative in nature. They first arrived into our living rooms in 2005 with this Superbowl Ad.

In the ad a woman is wearing a tight tank top and, as she’s talking to the censorship committee at a hearing broadcast on a fictitious “G-Span,” her spaghetti strap flies off her shoulder. An elderly committee member is then seen breathing into his respirator while another member says to the woman: “May I suggest a turtleneck?” It was supposed to run after the 2nd half. Guess what? They got so many complaints that they pulled it and it did not run the ad the 2nd time. Guess what? Yup. GoDaddy got a refund! Guess what? Yup. Due to all the controversy, GoDaddy got free ad time worth millions. And a Brand is born. They kept it going in the years to come with race car driver Danika Patrick 4 years later.

These ads have little to do with registering domain names, but they do leave an impression on people. Whether or not that impression is good is up to each individual. But it certainly creates strong feelings about their brand, whether good or bad.

Now, if you run an ad with the headline line “Sex,” and the next line says. “Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you about my floral design company!” then you are misleading people and hurting your brand. But when you want to register a domain name almost everyone goes to GoDaddy to get that done. is now worth $12.7 Billion. I was once paid to go to Miami and produce a video for an elastic therapeutic tape company. It was to be a light-hearted ad featuring 2 tennis pros doing tennis stunts. It was meant to be a branding video that the CMO called “off-brand” and the video never ran. That was their loss. To this day the company has a Youtube channel full of marketing videos that they might think are “branding” videos. They do have “How to videos” which ARE videos that give BUT they are for people that already own their product. SO technically they are giving value only to those that HAVE their product. Remember, branding videos give. Marketing videos take. Branding videos help companies to earn trust. Marketing videos sell products and services.

So many CMOs with 6 figures salaries still don’t know the difference. Another thing to remember is that marketing tactics come and go. Branding lasts forever. Some marketing campaigns succeed and some of them fail. But a strong developed brand lasts 24/7 all year long. Branding is all about emotion. Most marketing campaigns are lacking both emotion and passion. There’s nothing for people to get attached to. In fact, people rarely if ever feel an attachment to an individual marketing campaign, but they do feel an attachment with certain brands.

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