5 Steps How to Write an Impactful Script for Your Video Commercial

Author: Braden
November 28, 2022

When you hire a production company to make your video you need to know that all creative videos start with a creative script. There is a balance between entertainment and branding that takes place between you and your viewers. If this is your first video and your company is in the start up phase, than these 5 steps MUST be followed in order for your video to make impact on its audience. STEP 1 KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Knowing your audience goes beyond just identifying your target market. It’s about knowing what your target market wants. You need to know what frustrates them the most. Make it clear in your script the service or product you are introducing will solve the problem that is frustrating them. You need to know what it is they want. Notice I said “what they want”, not “need”. When my son Ashton was 4 needed to take a bath but he never wanted to. STEP 2


Branding is all about positioning. It’s not about market share; it’s about being thought of as the only choice in your market. Positioning yourself as the go-to authority in your industry is the goal. If you’re a chiropractor, for example, you want to be the first person people think of when they need a back adjustment.


CREATE A SOLUTION You know what’s bugging your audience. Now it’s time to make sure your product or service is a cure for what ails them. If what you offer isn’t a solution to their problems, then you don’t have much to offer, right? Finding the problem and providing the solution has been the formula for businesses since humans began bargaining. STEP 4


Include in your script how your video will bring your content to life. It is your content that will attract people to you and will assist in establishing your authority positioning. A video will make your content shine bright whether its a service or product. A video should show the high-quality of your content that your target audience finds valuable. You will attract prospects to you through a visual solution. They will see for themselves what the solution is. The key to an effective a video commercial is attracting people to your company and then building a relationship with them through engagement with your audience. Also write into your script valuable information. The more you give, the more attractive your brand becomes. STEP 5 MAKE THE AUDIENCE FEEL YOU WILL OVER DELIVER Make sure you write in somewhere promising to over-deliver your value. Then later on make sure you do it! There is simply too much competition to produce a product or service that just delivers. Fulfill your promises. If you imply that your product or service is great when in fact it’s actually crap, then you are not being honest and things will go south quickly.

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, a lot of people didn’t see a need for it in the marketplace. Steve told us it was awesome and that we would love it. If the iPad turned out to be a piece of junk, it surely wouldn’t have found its place in the market. But Steve wasn’t lying. The iPad actually was and is a great idea. Watch how he does it. https://youtu.be/Ndnmtz8-S5I Your product or service has to go above and beyond and give customers more value than they were expecting.

As Walt Disney said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Don’t just strive to meet customers’ expectations.

Strive to exceed their expectations. Many businesses have a very good product yet don’t experience the type of success they are trying to achieve because they do not know how to effectively communicate their brand message to people in a video.

You must learn to communicate clearly. It doesn’t matter how much value you offer or how good you are at what you do if you cannot communicate it to your audience. Prospects will never see the value in you cannot creativity communicate it clearly to them in your video. Are you a relationship marketer or transaction marketer? Marketing for the sake of generating a transaction will become increasingly difficult. Today and for the future, video marketing is about relationships. Sales transactions become easy when an existing relationship is there. Remember: Your video commercial is about marketing with people, not at them.

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