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Improve Results

Power Charging your YouTube Channel.

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30 Minute Discovery Call

In this 30 minute call we will go over the following:

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  • Discuss your YouTube audit.

  • Who is your demographic? 

  • Discuss your Subscribers number and 1 year goal

  • Go over your YouTube channel from top to bottom

  • analyze your banner

  • YouTube "About Page"

  • Thumbnails

  • What is the video content that you are pitching designed to do? i.e. What is your service?

  • Video titles.

  • Do your videos have a hook in the first 3 seconds?

  • What are the first 8 seconds designed to do to keep them beyond 8 seconds? The story intro. 

  • After this 30-minute discovery call, we will build you a strategy guide and send it to you. If you like our strategy then we will discuss the cost of improving or building your YouTube channel.

  • After payment is secure, we will set up a 90-minute strategy call with one of our YouTube digital marketing experts to get the ball rolling.

90 Minute Strategy Call

In this 90 minute call we will go over the following:

  • Creating strategic video content for your company.

  • Go over what has and has not worked for you. Using audit tools in real-time we will help you see where you need to improve on your social media platforms (Your Website, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok)

  • Help you engage your audience by focusing on the services and solutions you provide for your clients and customers. 

  • How we deliver measurable ROI.

  • Take a deep dive into your tailored video strategy.

  • How we will track and report on your marketing impact.

  • Amplifying your brand and align with your business goals. 

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